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Teaching Basketball ICON


If you have a passion for helping young people reach their potential in a team environment, please attend our session. The 2024 calendar coming soon! You will learn how to develop practice schedules, developing skill levels, create game strategies, mentor players, life skills and connect players to other programs to further their careers. Coaching Sessions are for girls and boys, ages 6-17 years old. No skill level required.

In the session youth will:

  • Learn the intangibles of what it took for the pros to make it.

  • Learn how to be supported in their journey of greatness.

  • Learn all the essentials of becoming a great coach.

  • Learn fundamentals mind, body, Spirit and business training that will guarantee success.

How It Works

MBSB Coaching Session. The 2024 calendar coming soon!


Sign up online here: https://mbsbnow.com/session-registration

Registration fee is $50


At the session we will connect with a pro and you will follow them on social media and communicate with them. From this communication you will pay for their services and you guys create your schedule. Training will be at their site.

Basketball practice

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