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My name is Kurt Ogbewele, from Brooklyn, New York. I’d like to share my personal story with you. My mother is from Trinidad and Tobago and my father is from Nigeria. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. I am the middle child. My family and I have persevered through many struggles, especially when my mother’s children were forced into foster care and I into reform school. After reform school, my mother’s younger children went back home, my oldest brother went to a group home and my older brother and I unwillingly went to live with my father.

Living with my father was horrendous! He was neglectful, physically and mentally abusive and downright mean, doing things like taking the money we earned for his own pleasure. A major aspect that my father missed out on, was not being supportive of my dream of becoming a professional basketball player. So as soon as I graduated high school, I made the wise choice to live with my mother. There, I decided that I wanted to pursue basketball in college.

I worked on my game everyday, going to the recreation center consistently throughout the week to train. While working out, I met with a trainer that led me to a neighborhood coach who took time to develop me as a basketball player, a man and a Man of God. With help from my coach and mentor, I earned a full-ride scholarship to Arizona Western Community College, an NJCAA Division I school with a competitive basketball program.

After a few months in school, I was introduced to my best friend. I also discovered my musical talents around this time and our friendship evolved into a faith-based soul rap group called Dream Team Soldiers. We went on to further develop our music in Denver, Colorado, traveling all around the state to perform our music. Within a year, I decided to finish my bachelor’s degree and continue playing college basketball. I was fortunate to receive another full-ride scholarship from Colorado Christian University (CCU).

At CCU, life was not always easy, but I pushed through and graduated in 2011. After graduation, I decided to play professional basketball overseas with my team, Crossover International. We played in Romania and France, attempting to earn professional basketball contracts. I earned mine to play in France.

When I returned to Denver, I transitioned into my new field of teaching and mentoring young people. I started this journey working for Colorado Uplift, where I taught kids character skills and influenced them to make the right decisions. Then I moved to Friends For Youth to work as a case manager for kids who were locked up for misdemeanors and light felonies. Continuing the call to help kids at risk, I began to work at Archway Housing, serving as a family service coordinator. Here, I worked with kids ages 6 to 18-years-old, the majority being first-generation U.S. born children whose parents immigrated from African countries. I put together fun events in the community, implemented workshops teaching domestic work, connected youth with programs that taught life skills and served as their mentor. Later, I worked as a Program Leader at Kaleidoscope, a Denver Public Schools (DPS) K-12 before and after school program. I developed lesson plans for life skills, ran camps, assisted kids with their academic work and led programs for their enjoyment. Continuing my passion to help improve the lives of youth, I began working at the DPS charter school, Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) as a physical education teacher and boys basketball coach. At DSST, I worked with grades 6th– 8th, teaching sports and health and life skills. After four years at DSST, the doors opened for me as a PE teacher and Athletic Director at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy, another DPS charter school.  And finally, I became the PE teacher and ran MBSB at Robert F. Smith STEAM Academy in 2022.

Mind, Body, Spirit is your Business (MBSB)
Through all of my experience, I grew to love and be dedicated to helping kids, so I created MBSB. I designed MBSB to give youth resources and create opportunities that are hard to come by. It is our goal to offer youth, ages 6 to 17-years-old, services in the areas of basketball, music, acting, teaching and coaching. We offer professional speakers who inspire and train participants to become adept experts in their fields. In addition, we offer the perspective of a young man growing up with a single mother, sharing learned life skills and the makeup of a prosperous human being. We encourage mothers to collaborate with our teachers, coaches and mentors so we can help each other cultivate values and goals within our youth growing into their success.

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