Mind Body Spirit Is Your Business (MBSB)

MBSB is here to introduce youth to professionals who will share their personal stories in one of our 5 specialty areas: basketball, music, acting, teaching and coaching, to inspire and mentor kids.


Our Core Values

MBSB wants to leave a legacy that all people matter and are worth it to be all they can be.


Youth ages 6-17 will connect with experienced pros who help to fulfill their lives by offering guidance, mentorship and skill building. Participants will feel recognized and valued by the pros.


Youth will meet for monthly sessions in their chosen specialty.

Coach Kurt's Story

Kurt Ogbewele, a Brooklyn, NY native, spent his early years at Arizona Western Community College and Colorado Christian University, where he received a BA in Organizational Management in Christian Leadership. Afterwards, he graduated from the Urban Leadership Foundation, which is a prestigious leadership program in the Denver community. In pursuit of his career and dream of playing professional basketball, he joined Crossover International, a traveling basketball team that hosted camps and competed at high levels in Romania, China and France. Coach Kurt also has experience in acting, music, teaching and coaching. Click Learn More for details.

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Our Pro's Can Help You

Youth will experience monthly speaker sessions, either online or in-person, in one or more of their chosen areas of interest--basketball, music, acting, teaching and coaching. During these sessions, professionals in each area share their personal stories, inspiring youth and making connections. Participants will continue their relationships with the pros by following them on social media and practicing on-going training. Through these experiences, they will gain attention, confidence and feel special. These opportunities will foster the fulfillment of their dreams.


If you have a passion for becoming a high level player, then sign up for our speaker session. The 2024 calendar coming soon! After completing the speaker session, you'll have the chance to continue learning through participation in on-going training with a professional where you'll learn:

  • Skills of the game, like dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, blocking and running the floor.
  • Foundational skills, like leadership and understanding the value of communication, which win games and enhance character skills that lead to life success.
  • What to put in your body to help physically prepare you for success.
  • Guidance on other successful basketball programs that will enhance your abilities for the next level.

Basketball sessions are for youth, ages 6-17 years old. No skill level required!


If you have passion for creating great music, then sign up for our session. The 2024 calendar coming soon! Choosing in-person or an online session, you will learn how to:

  • Write, record, rehearse, perform, collaborate, conduct interviews, market/brand yourself and create strong followers.
  • Build positive relationships with artists and radio and television professionals.
  • Create a lifestyle that is positive and professional at all times.

Music sessions are for youth, ages 6-17 years old. No skill level required!


If acting is your passion and you want to be able to live out that profession, be a part of our pro session. The 2024 calendar coming soon!


If you have a passion for being a leader for the youth within education attend our teaching session.

Financial Literacy Workshop at 20th Street Recreation Center, 1011 20th St., Denver, CO 80202 on July 11, 18 & 25 and August 1, 2024. 


If you have a passion for helping young people reach their potential in a team environment, please attend our session. The 2024 calendar coming soon!